Baroque Still Life
(Italian Artist)
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  Still Life with Basket of Fruit, Melons and a Vase of Flowers by Pierto Paolo Bonzi   Still Life with Melons, Apricots, Grapes and Apples, c1590-1600 by Caravaggio  


  Still Life with a Bowl of Fruit and Two Jasmin Flowers by Fede Galizia   Basket of Cherries, Melons and Grapes by Pietro Paolini  


  Dead Birds by Evaristo Baschenis   Fish and Onions by Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo  


  Still Life of Dead Game by Jacopo da Castello   Still Life with Fish, a Lobster and Shell Fish by Giacomo Ceruti  


  Still Life with Fruit, Vegetables and a Stag's Head, 1621 by Tommaso Salini  


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