Otto Dix
(Germany ~ 1891-1969)
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  Sylvia Von Harden, 1926, Mixed Media on Panel, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France   Art Dealer Johanna Ey 1924   Self with Red Curtain 1942   Self in Smock 1931  


  Dr Hans Koch 1921   Actor Heinrich George as Terje Wiggen 1932   Dr Mayer Hermann 1926   Portrait of the Photographer Hugo Erfurth with a Lens, 1925  


    Self Portrait 1915   Self Portrait 1912   Portrait of the Manufacturer Dr Julius Hesse with Paint Sample 1926  


  Self portrait with Naked Model 1925   Pregnant Woman 1930   The Pregnant Woman 1931   Vanitas 1932  


  Baby Ursus 1927   Match Vendor II 1927   Working Class Boy 1920   Mother and Child 1925  


  Painter Hans Theo Richter and his Wife Gisela 1933   Portrait of the Art Historian Dr. Paul Ferdinand Schmidt 1921   Portrait of the Poet Alfred Guenther 1919   Self Portrait 1926  


  Martha Dix 1928   Portrait of Dancer Tamara Danischewski with Iris 1933   Portrait of Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim 1926   Singer Elizabeth Steuntzner 1932  


  Pregnant Woman 1919   The Moon Woman 1919   Red Head Self Portrait 1919   Self Portrait as a Soldier 1914  


  To Beauty 1922   Two Children 1921   Woman with Red Hat 1921   Farewell to Hamburg 1921  


  The Lion Tamer 1922   Dedicated to Masochists 1922   Girl with Rose 1923     Seated Nude with Dark Hair 1930


  Still Life with Widow's Veil 1925   The Lunatic 1825   Triumph of Death 1934   Seven Cardinal Sins, 1933, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany  


  Self Portrait with Jan 1950   Lot and his Daughters 1939   Self Portrait in Fur Cap Against Winter Landscape 1947   Mother and Eva 1933  


  St Christopher IV 1939   Melancholy 1930   Still Life in the Studio 1924   Poet Theodor Daubler 1927  


  Children at Play 1929   Hugo Erfurth, 1926, Oil on Paper, Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin, Germany  


  Self with Muse 1924   Salon I 1921  



Metropolis 1927-28 LP


Metropolis 1927-28


Metropolis 1927-28 RP



  The War, 1929-32 LP   The War 1929-32   The War, 1929-32 RP  


Otto Dix Gallery


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