Manfred Juergens
(German ~ Contemporary)
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  Portrait Thomas Beyer (2004)   Portrait Caroline Schwartz (2003)   Portrait Baerbel Koppe, Coastal Engineer (2000)   Portrait Ulrich Tukur, Actor & Musician (2003)  


  Portrait Hulda (2003)   Glass (2003)   Wrecked Morning (2002)   Codfish (2002)  


  Portrait Paul Millns, Composer and Singer (2002)   Self Portrait, 2002   Portrait Lucy Mae (2005)   Portrait Wenke, Student (1999)  


  Sunflowers (2004)   Wismarian Still Life with Parsley (2006)  


  La Natura Morta della Giudecca (2005)   Last Talk (2004)  


  Pescheria Rialto (2005)   Malinconia San Michele, Venezia (2005)  



Portrait Sri Lankan Rice-Farmer, 55 years old (2004)

  Gitta Lindermann and her son Till Lindermann (2002)  


  Venezia II (2005)  

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