Magic Realism
(Magic Realism Spreads)
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  Los Comisarios, 1942 by Hector Poleo   The Mestizo, 1934 by Candido Portinari   La Promesa, 1928 by Miguel Pou   Andean Family, 1944 by Hector Poleo  


  El Peluquero Zurdo, 1949 by Emilio Bas Viaud   La Calle de Cuauhtemotzin 1941 by Emilio Bas Viaud   Payasito, 1956 by Antonio Berni   The Woman of the Red Sweater, 1935 by Antonio Berni  


  Lee and Maura, 1940 by Alberto de Veiga Guignard   Accidente, 1936 Alfonso Ponce de Leon  


  Cobalt, 1931 by Yvonee McKague Housser   East River, 1934 by Jara Henry Valenta  


  Indian Houses at Alert Bay, 1951 by E.J. Hughes   The Car Ferry at Sidney B.C., 1952 by E.J. Hughes  


  Dessocupados, 1934 by Antonio Berni   Power Plant in the Snow 1956 by Oka Skikanosuke  


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