Rene Magritte
(Belgium ~ 1898-1967)
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Magritte used the theme of a painting within a painting a number of times. These and several other paintings are related to Magic Realism


  La Condition Humane   Euclidean Promenades, 1955   La Condition Humane, 1933  


  Memory of a Journey, 1961   The Empire of Light   Call of the Peaks  




In the early years of Magritte's career, a strong influence from Giorgio de Chirico can be seen in his work. These paintings are related to Metarealism.


  Voices of the Airs, 1931     The Musings of a Solitary Walker, 1926   Memory, 1954  


    The Difficult Crossing, 1926   The Birth of the Idol, 1926    


        The Age of Marvels, 1926  


    The Central History, 1928      


    Lovers, 1928  


    Les Valeurs Personneles (Personal Values), 1952  


  The Migratory Angel, 1926  


As Magritte's career progressed, he introduced more surreal elements into his work. Yet the underlying roots of Metaphysical art are still visible in many paintings.


  Victory, 1939   The Future of Statues, 1932   Black Magic, 1942   The Scars of Memory, 1927  


    The Sage's Carnival, 1947     Perspective - Gerard's Madame Recamier, 1950  




  The Song of the Violet, 1951        


  Philosophy in the Boudoir, 1947   The Labours of Alexander, 1950    







    The Roof of the World, 1926  


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