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Brigid Marlin (monograph) Balthus

Raghu Vyas (monograph)

Giorgio de Chirico ~ Post War Period
Manfred Juergens (monograph) Kinuko Y Craft
  Alberto Savinio
George Tooker

Ten Dreams Gallery

Claude Verlinde
Jake Baddeley
Paul Christiaan Bos Mughal Miniatures
Steven Kenny Flemish & German Renaissance Masters
Manfred Juergens Italian Renaissance Masters
Alexandra Koukinova  
Claude Lazar

Articles about Art History

Jan Machalek Magic Realism (short history)
Simon Marsden Magic Realism (extended discussion)
Freydoon Rassouli (we also recommend Magic Realism Art)
Joyce Tenneson Symbolism
Christophe Vacher Metarealism

Fantasy Gallery

Contemporary Artists

Brom "Academy Of Arts" Foundation
Sandrine Gestin Botero
David Ho Kinuko Y Craft
Rafal Oblinski Jean-Baptiste Dufour
Maxfield Parrish Gian Paolo Dulbecco
Christopher Shy Rob Evans
Wojtek Siudmak Mahmoud Farshchian
Claude Verlinde Benedetto Fellin
Jacek Yerka Michel Henricot
Siegfried Zademack Vlad Holst
  Petar Meseldzija
  Michael Parkes

Cultural and Photography Gallery

Victor Safonkin
Costumes Africa & the Mid East Peter Siddell
Costumes of Asia and the Pacific Velimir Trnski
Costumes of Europe & Americas Svetlana Valueva
Karl Bodmer  
Edward S Curtis  

Doll Gallery

Aishwarya Paul Crees Collection
Fashion History Eveline Frings
Indian Oriental Art Alexandra Koukinova
Mughal Miniatures Dolls of the World
Venetian Carnival
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~  Historical Figuration ~



Neue Sachlichkeit

Jacque-Louis David Max Beckmann
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Otto Dix

  George Grosz


Alexander Kanoldt
William Blake Franz Radziwill
Theodore Chasseriau Carlo Mense
John Singleton Copley Christian Schad
Eugene Delacroix Georg Scholz
Caspar David Friedrich Georg Schrimpf
John Henry Fuseli
Francisco Goya y Lucientes

Metaphysical School

  Giorgio de Chirico ~ Early Metaphysical

19th Cent. Academism

Giorgio de Chirico ~ Peak Metaphysical
Adolphe William Bouguereau Giorgio de Chirico ~ Post War Period
Paul Delaroche Carlo Carra
Jean-Leon Gerome Giorgio Morandi
  Alberto Savinio

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Magic Realism

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones Ivan Albright
Evelyn de Morgan Peter Blume
Dante Rossetti Paul Cadmus
John William Waterhouse Philip Evergood
  O Louis Guglielmi

19th Century Classicism

Pyke Koch
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema George Tooker
John William Godward Carel Willink
Fredrick Lord Leighton Grant Wood
Albert Joseph Moore  


Related Artists

Arnold  Bรถcklin

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Pietro Annigoni
Jean Deville Balthus
John Duncan Antonio Berni
Fernand Khnopff  Jared French
Gustav Moreau Lucien Freud
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes Gregory Gillispie
Odilon Redon E.J.Hughes

Nicolas Roerich

Felix Nussbaum
Jan Toorop Pierre Roy
Elihu Vedder Ben Shahn
Stanley Spencer


Edward Wadsworth

Paul Gauguin

Henri Rousseau


Frida Kalho

Other 19th Century Artists

David Alfaro Siqueiros
Julia Margaret Cameron Emilio Baz Viaud
Charles Edward Halle


Italian Realists

19th Cent. American Realism

Felix Casorati

Thomas Eakins Antonio Donghi
Winslow Homer Ferazzi Ferruccio
  Achille Funi

Art Nouveau

Ubaldo Oppi
Ferdinand Hodler Mario Sironi
Gustav Klimt  
Alphonse Mucha


  Leonora Carrington

Art Deco

Salvador Dali
Erte Max Ernst
Meredith Frampton Leonor Fini
Tamara de Lempicka Charles Gleeson
  Rene Magritte

Early 20th Century Artists

Dorothea Tanning
George Owens Wynne Apperley Remedios Varo
Andre Derain  

Fantastic Realism

20th Cent. American Realism

Rudolf Hausner
Edward Hopper Hundertwasser
Charles Sheeler




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